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Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  Is there a minimum order or charge?
 2. Are there any Quantity Discounts
 3. I am a school/PA/PTA/PTO can we use your products for a fund raiser? 
 4. Are there any Set-Up fees?
 5. How should I send you my image?
 6. If I send you my photo via regular postal mail, will I get it back?
 7. Can you add Text to my image?
 8. What are my Text Choices?
 9. Do You Have Samples I can look at to get an idea of how to design my personalized item.
10. TAG Designs does not accept Pornographic material for reproduction - What is Pornographic?
11. Can you Crop my image?
12. How long will it take to process my order?
13. How will you ship my order & how much does it cost?
14. Do you offer Express Mailing Options?
15. Do you Ship outside the United States (International) or to an Alternate Address?
16. Can I return my order.?
17. What form of payment do you accept?
18. How do I place an order?
19. Can I re-sell your product?
20. I received my personalized product and I love it. How can I tell my friends about your company?
21. Do you sell non-personalized items?
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Q1 Is there a minimum order or charge?
A: Most items sold do not require a minimum quantity to order. There are minimums for our advertising promotional products listed under B2B advertising or on  Minimums for those products are indicated next to the item on our site. 

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Q2  Are there any Quantity Discounts?
A: Quantity Discounts for personalized products are determined by the product itself and the quantity desired as well as the personalization. Please feel free to email us and ask if your desired item and quantity constitutes a discount.

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Q3 I am a school/PA/PTA/PTO can we use your products for a fund raiser?
A:  But of course!  Email us and we'll be happy to work out a fund raising program to suit your needs. We also have an ad-promo division that you might find more cost effective for fund raising products at

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Q4 Are there any set up fees?
A: There are no set up fees when you order personalized gifts.  We do not charge you to scan your photo or set up your design.  We don't charge you for putting text on your graphic either (aside from 1 or 2 items where the charges is imposed by the manufacturer) There are standard set up fees when ordering promotional & advertising items.
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Q5 How should I send you my image?
A: We offer 3 ways for you to get your image to us.

1. E-Mail If you have a digital image  you can email it to E-Mail but please make sure your graphic is not compressed and at least 300dpi and 4" x 6".   We accept images PC format only in  .jpg, .psd, .psp,  .tif, .ai (9), .eps & .cdr.(8)     You may zip up your graphic in winzip if necessary.

Do not send professional photos without a photographers release. Doing so will only hold up your order
Do not send graphics you have borrowed from the internet. Just because they are on the world wide web, does not put them in public domain. Do not send us a link to your online photo album, usually these graphics are only 72dpi and cannot be reproduced for print with any quality.  If you have any questions please e-mail

2.  You can upload your image Click to Upload Your Photo  follow same guidelines as above.

3. U.S.Mail your photo to TAG Designs, PO Box 600139, Jacksonville Fl 32260

If you send an image you warrant that it is free from copyright and belongs to you.

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Q6 If I send you my photo via regular postal mail, will I get it back?
A: We will send you back your original photo, unharmed.
Please note, We do not reproduce professional photos without a photographers release. If you send a professional photo without the necessary release, we will not send your photo back. If you want your photo back, you will need to send us a self addressed stamped envelope.

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Q7 Can you add text to my image?
A: Yes we can,  and we don't charge you extra either.  Please be sure to indicate the color of the text and the type desired. ( bold, italic, script etc.)  Please note: we cannot print metallic colors  ie, gold, silver, bronze or designer colors ie, perriwinkle blue, goldenrod, etc.   We cannot match shades, all colors are standard such as yellow, blue, red, black etc. 

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Q8 What are my Text Choices?
A: In effort to assist you in choosing a font for your personalized product, we have listed some of the most commonly requested fonts.  You are in no way limited to these fonts. This is just a small sampling to give you an idea of the different styles available.  If you have a certain font in mind, please feel free to request it.   See Font Styles Here

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Q9 Do You Have Samples I can look at to get an idea of how to design my personalized item.
A: There is at least one graphic sample on each page. Some items have several samples, especially items that can use our stock graphics as opposed to your images. In most cases, either or can be used. In addition to the samples on each item page, we have added a small sampling of Bag Tags and License Plates which should give you a basic idea of how most personalized items can be set up.  Please keep in mind, however, the items you choose are Personally Yours and we will follow YOUR design idea to the best of our ability.  But... if you need some help, here are some samples.
Bag Tag Samples      License Plate Samples  We also have Sports Mascots and general photos that can be used

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Q10 TAG Designs does not accept Pornographic material for reproduction - What is Pornographic?
A: Everyone has different opinions in this area, but we consider pornographic anything that we would feel uncomfortable having our children seeing us working on and reserve the right to refuse any order we consider to be distasteful or pornographic. We also reserve the right to refuse any order which contains text in a foreign language if we cannot find the meaning in an international dictionary. 

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Q11 Can you crop my image?
A: Depending on the orientation of your image (portrait or landscape) and the gift item you're having it printed on, we can crop, reduce or blow up your image.  We prefer that you do not send images already cropped. Sometimes we need the extra background room to insure proper placement of your subject on the item.  You can send your high resolution file along with a lower resolution file cropped to show us the approximate area you would like removed from the picture.

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Q12 How long will it take to process my order?
Normally production time on most items is 3-5 days , with the exception of some items, but each item is marked with a production time.  During Holiday time, these estimated times will be extended  Please place holiday / special event orders as early as possible. 

Realize that personalized products are not pulled off a shelf and shipped,  There is administration time, art development time production time and shipping time.  If you need something by a certain date, please be sure to note it on your order even if you think you are within our time guidelines.   Need something right away?  Don't hesitate to email us and ask.  If we can, we'll put it on Rush status.

Keep in mind that any requests for special designs cannot be done on a rush basis.

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Q13 How will you ship my order & How Much does it cost?
A: Normally we ship via UPS. We may on occasion ship via USPS. 
You are charged actual freight fees plus a small handling fee depending on the item and package required.  Our shopping cart links directly with UPS and USPS, shipping charges are determined by the carrier you choose. 

On larger quantity orders, freight is sometimes overstated.  Your credit card is not charged automatically, therefore, we will confirm shipping charges for large orders prior to charging your card.

If our shopping cart seems inaccurate, please don't hesitate to email  us for confirmation.

Please see our shipping map to estimate how long it will take for your gift purchase to reach you once it has been produced and shipped.  Shipping Map  

If you will be paying by check or money order via US mail, please put your order through the system and choose payment by Check/Money Order.  This will give you a freight charge and also alert us that your order is coming.  Also note = When sending a check, it takes at least 7-10 business days for your check to clear once it has been deposited. After your check has cleared, we will begin the process of your order.

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Q14 Do you offer Express Mailing Options?
A: We can ship your package express If you have a Fedex or UPS Account, but please realize that we still need time to  produce your order.  (This is for select items produced and shipped by TAG Designs - Some items ship direct from the mfg or need to come into our facility first before shipping, therefore, expedited shipping may not be available but please feel free to ask)

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Q15 Do you Ship outside the United States?
A: At the present time, We ship  to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, however, the shopping cart will only accept Credit Card Payment from US and Canada.  All others must pay via Paypal, Bank Cheque or Western Union.

International Orders incur additional freight charges. You pay customs and duty fees upon receipt. We are not liable for these fees.

We offer both a slow and quicker method of shipping outside the US.  Our standard international service can take up to 6 weeks where as the express international should only take up to 7 days once shipped.  Please anticipate these timelines in the event you are ordering a gift.  If you must have the item by a special date, please check with us first.

For Companies with a US Based Corporation, We can ship via Your Fedex Account when orders are Pre-Paid via Money Order/ Check. We are not able to ship any other international orders at this time. 

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Q16 Can I return my order.?
A:: Understandably, due to the nature of personalized items, they cannot be returned.  However, if there is an error on our part, you can receive a replacement. Please  email for an authorization first. Any returns without pre-authorization will not be honored.
Please read our full industry policies.

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Q17 What form of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa,  MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Pay Pal. All Orders are Pre-Paid. You can also pay by Personal Checks and Money Orders via US Mail.

Any Checks returned will incur a $ 35.00 fee. We work with all states and will prosecute. 

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Q18 How do I place an order?
A: To Place an order with our Secure Server you can click the Buy Now Buttons next to each one of our products to access the Shopping Cart.  
To Place an order via US Mail, please do as above but check payment by check/money order instead.  Putting your order through the system alerts us it is coming and also filters your name and address into our billing and shipping software.

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Q19 Can I re-sell your product?
A: We only allow re-sale on certain items.  If you are interested in reselling our products, please send e-mail us with your  business name, Website URL, location, TAX ID and which items you are interested in reselling. Emails sent without this information will not be honored or responded to.

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Q20 I received my personalized products and I love them. How can I tell my friends about your company?
A: We just love to hear how thrilled you are with your personalized products and we know your friends and associates would love to hear it too.  Please feel free to send our link, share us on facebook and by all means send an image for our creative customers page.

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Q21 Do you sell non-personalized items?
A We do have some non personalized items scattered through categories of gifts. We have been adding more and more non-personalized items, but only ones that we find desirable!  
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