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Thank you for your interest in placing an order with us.
You may want to print this page for step by step instructions through our online shopping cart.

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    Clicking the Add to Cart / Buy Now Buttons
    Depending on the item, you may be redirected to a personalization page first where you can fill in information about the customization of your desired item.  Or...  the personalization form may be right on the page your viewing.
    When personalizing a product, please read instructions for color, text and photo submission requirements.  Please be as specific as possible about your desired personalization.  If a photo is required from you for the product you are ordering Please tell us how your sending your photo. If we do not know one is coming, we will not look for one!
    Sending us your Photo
    We offer 3 ways for you to get your photo/graphics to us
    We are in the midst of changing our upload form so you may find a page with an upload within the personalization form or a link to an upload below the personalization form.   Upload for within the personalization form requests your email address (please use the same email address you will use for your order in the shopping cart)  You may browse your computer to find the file.  The file name will be listed and you must click to upload the file.  You will then see a small thumbnail image of your file.  Your image will not be on the product on this view.  If you need to see what the image will look like on the product, please request a mock sample for approval to be sent via email, in the additional info section of the personalization form.

    UPLOAD link under the form.  Clicking the link will bring up a pop up box in the upper left hand corner of your screen or in a new tab if your browser is set to open pop ups in a tab.  Please follow the instructions by entering all the information (your name, email, phone etc etc)  Fill in the black security (captcha) numbers/letters.  Send your image to us
    US Mail
    You may send your photo via US mail to TAG Designs attn: Art Department, PO Box 600139, Jacksonville FL 32260-0139.   You will get your photo back with your order. (see professional photos below)
    You can e-mail your photo to . Your graphic must be at least 300dpi and approximately 4" x 6" in size. We accept ONLY .jpg (non compressed), .psd, .psp, .ai & .eps - PC formats  ( That means we do not accept MS Word, Publisher, Presentation, MAC files, or any other type of graphic Layout)   If your file is large, you can zip it with winzip. A free trial version of winzip can be found at .  Please be sure to include your full name and order number within the e-mail.  The graphic should be attached as a file, not embedded within the e-mail.  

    For business logos
    , please send a high resolution file, preferably a vector file in .ai, .eps, or .psd. 
    (see professional photos below)

    Either method is fine, but keep in mind that if you need your order by a certain date, in some cases it can take your US mail anywhere from 3 - 7 days to reach us.  
    Professional Photos  
    Please do not send Professional Photos without a photographers release. We cannot reproduce professional photos without permission from the photographers. If you send us a professional photo without a photographers release, we will not send it back unless you mail us a self addressed stamped envelope. In most cases, photographers will grant you a release without issue or charge.  You can have your photographer fax us the release direct at 904-292-4107.
    DO NOT
    send graphics you have taken from the internet!  At most times, these graphics are not in public domain and require permission to use, Plus, they are not print quality. Do not send images of professional ball teams, disney, john deere or any other copyrighted or trademarked image. Also do not request any text that is of a copyrighted or trademarked nature.
    If you send trademarked or copyrighted images, or request any infringing text, we will not print them. If you then cancel your order, there will be a 10% surcharge deducted from your refund.  Please avoid a delay and possibly surcharge DO NOT send these types of images.
    Adding item to the Shopping Cart
    After you have filled out your personalization and clicked add to cart. You will be redirected to our shopping cart.  If you would like to add more items to the cart just click  Back to Shopping.
    Finalizing your order
    Once you are ready to finalize your purchase, click Review Cart/Check Out and you will be redirected to our shopping cart.    You can review your cart at any time by clicking Review Cart/Check Out.  If you are not ready to Check Out you may scroll down and click Continue Shopping to return to the page you were on. 

    The Shopping Cart
    Increasing/decreasing Qty 
    Once in the Shopping cart, you may increase the quantity of any item by changing the number in the qty field and clicking the update button underneath the qty box.   You may also delete any item from the cart by clicking the X under the column titled Remove.
    Calculating Shipping & Handling
    -Next you will be asked to calculate the shipping.  There is a drop down box to enter your country which is automatically set at United States. If you are in Canada, please change this by clicking the arrow and choosing Canada.  If you are in the US you do not need to do anything. 
    A -Next.  Enter your zip code in the box provided and click the Calculate Box.  At that point your weight and destination will calculate and bring back a drop down box entitled..."
    B- Select Shipping Option". Shipping charges are determined directly by the freight carrier you choose ie: UPS or USPS, the weight of your product and your zip code. 
    Please note that UPS charges extra for residential as well as rural deliveries.  If your freight charges seem extremely high, please let us know and we will double check.   Hawaii, Alaska, and PO Boxes must choose USPS (unless you wish to pay extremely high Air Freight Prices)

    Some items when purchased in quantity or that have add-ons such as name tags with a magnet back add on, may show an incorrect shipping total.  If this be the case we will reduce your shipping charge to a more appropriate cost.  

    Canada, United Kingdom,New Zealand & Australia -  
    International orders must be paid in US funds with a verified address..
    The Shopping Cart will accept a Canadian Billing Address but not from other locations.  Other Locations must choose Paypal or pay by Western Union or Bank Cheque in US Funds.
    Orders incur additional shipping fees (depending on weight of product ordered).  Orders to International Locations are usually shipped via USPS. Canada can either go via UPS,  USPS. USPS orders require extra processing time as we must physically take it to the post office. Post office runs are done once per week.  Any Custom, duty, tax fees are at the liability of the buyer.

    A - Enter  Zip Code
    B- Choose Shipping Option
    C - Any Volume Discounts will appear here
    D - Enter Any coupon codes you may have (once entered and submitted will show up in same area as C
    E- If you're paying by paypal click here and move forward to the paypal application
    F- If you're paying by Credit Card, Telephone, Mail or Fax
    Click here to continue.
    C-Volume Discounts
    If the item you are purchasing has a volume discount such as favors, promotional items or mugs over a certain quantity, the discount will be taken off your order sub total and you will see the discount reflected in the total. 
    If you have been given a coupon Code you may enter it here to receive your discount.  Please do not attempt to put voucher codes in from other vendors or that have expired, they will not work. If you do have a legitimate coupon number and it does not work, note that in the additional information box or email us.
    If you have a Gift Certificate... you will enter that at a later time.
    Checking Out

     E-Next you may choose Go to Check Out or Pay by PayPal. 

    If you click PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal Application. and will no longer be within our shopping cart system.   When paying by pay pal, you may only use your confirmed Paypal address.  If you have a different billing and ship to address, please do not use this method.  If you attempt to use this method, it will result in an error.  If you need to ship your order to a different address please pay by credit card only. 

    IF-f you click Go to Check Out, you will remain within our secure shopping cart and proceed to the next page...
    Shipping Information
    required fields
    Here you will input the shipping information.  Required fields are either indicated with an asterisk * or are dark (bold)  Certain Fields are Required such as name, address. telephone number, email address.  We must have this information in order to process your order or get in touch with you in the event of any questions.
    We also require your apartment number (or for you to tell us N/A meaning there is no apt # or suite # in your address. 
    And for you to Agree to our policy.
    Each item has product policies below the check out form which you are asked to review prior to adding to cart.  Please check those carefully so you will understand more about the item you are purchasing in the event this info is not up in the descriptive area. We ask you to give us your initials to confirm you have read the policy and you agree to it. 

    In the event you do not put information in any of the required fields, you will be sent back to the page with an error and required to do so before going on to the next step.
    Missing apartment numbers or incorrect addresses  are charged $8.00 - $15.00 if we are charged by UPS because you did not give us this information, we must pass this charge on to you so please avoid these unnecessary charges by insuring your address is both complete with apartment/suite number and accurate.

    On this page you are given the opportunity to send an additional message to us  and E
    also to let us know how you found us.

    After completing this page click continue

    A- Shipping Address
    B- Apartment #
    C- Initial to accept Policy
    D- Additional Comments
    E- How did you hear about us.
    Click continue to get to the billing page
    On the left of the screen enter your Billing Address 
    A-  Enter the address that your credit card statement is mailed to.   All information is verified with your bank. If your address fails a verification match with your bank, your order will be delayed.  Again please remember to include your apartment number, telephone number etc.

    B-  Click the dropdown box to choose your form of payment.  Choices are Credit/Debit Card   or Offline  which means  you will call with your credit card #  or you will send a check/money order by US Mail.  or you will Fax us your order and Credit Card info.

    C- If you have a gift certificate that you received as a gift or that was awarded to you by us  You may enter the value here  and your total will be recalculated.

    Check below for Mail/Fax 
    For Credit Card Payment continue reading.

    A- Your Billing Address
    B- Choose Payment Method  (Credit Card or OFFLINE- Phone/Mail/Fax)
    C- Enter Gift Certificate if applicable

    Choosing Credit Card
    If your choice was credit card, the box will open up with an area for you to enter your credit card information.

    ~The Name as it appears on the card.  

    ~The card numbers. without dashes or spaces

    ~ The expiration Date - Please ensure this is accurate.  If you are purchasing at the end of a month that your credit card expires, please use your new credit card numbers.  Most times your card is not charged immediately and once we are ready to charge your card may be expired.

    ~ The Card Verification #  (CV or CV2 #)  Visa/MC/Discover  Please be sure to put ONLY THE LAST 3 numbers that appear after the last 4 digits of your account number.  This is on the back of your card up on the signature strip.  If these numbers are not accurate, your charge will not be approved.  Amex - this number is 4 digits on the front of the card above your account number on the right.



    Expiration Date

    Choosing OFFLINE
    Here you can print your order and then choose to send in your order and payment by mail fax or telephone.

    Ordering Via

    You can e-mail us with your order, however, we do not recommend sending your credit card information via e-mail. Please include your phone number and a good time to reach you and we will call you for your credit card info.

    Although Email is our preferred correspondence, You may call us toll free with your order at 1-866-Ad-Angel . Please have your credit card with you as we will need the security number from the back of your credit card. Telephone response is limited but you may call leave us a message and we will call you back most times within 48 hours. 

    Please speak loudly & clearly especially when leaving your phone number.  Please tell us your name, the reason for your call, your phone number and your time zone.  If you do not tell us the reason for your call, we will not call you back.  Sorry, but we receive far too many solicitations - regardless of the no call list, and just don't have the time to call back people who are trying to sell us services that we do not need or want.  If you do not identify yourself and your intentions we have every reason to believe you are a telemarketer.

    US Mail 
    Our Shopping Cart has the options of placing OFFLINE orders which will give you a printable order form that you can print out and mail to us at Personalized Gifts, inc  Attn: TAG Designs, PO Box 600139, Jacksonville FL 32260-0139.  Please Place your order through the cart and then click payment by OFFLINE  it will bring up a page with your billing/shipping info product choice, prices and shipping preference so all you have to do is make out your check and mail the form along with your payment.  Please complete the process through the cart so we can note the order is coming, be sure of stock and contact you if we have any questions.
    Once you have entered all your info, chosen your payment method etc etc etc.
    You are sent to a confirmation page.   Please review everything to make sure all the info is correct.   Once your order is submitted, it begins process.  Under certain circumstances items or personalization can be altered but there is no guarantee. Remember that personalized products cannot be returned or refunded so Please check everything carefully.
    A- Check billing and shipping Address
    B- Check Items and personalization, colors, font etc
    C- Submit Order

    A- Confirm your billing and shipping Address
    B - Confirm your item and personalization is correct
    C- Submit Order  (Both buttons do the same)
    Once your order is submitted you will then get a Receipt Page. Please Print this page  (you will also receive this by e-mail - most times within seconds of completing your order - If you don't' get it please check your spam folder [although we do not engage in spam practices we are often put in spam due to other companies on the mail server that do-we have no control of this...])
    This page contains your order details and
    A- An Order #
    B- An Invoice #

    At the current time the Invoice # is for internal tracking only  This number is not to be used when communicating about your order.

    Your order # is how we refer to your order other than your name which is our priority tracking.
    Please put this order number and your name in the subject line of any and all email correspondence.

    You may also track the status of your order with your order #.
    Please note during heavy volume seasons status is only updated when your item ships.

    A- Order #
    B- Invoice # (for internal tracking only)

    Also please note.... Check all spam settings with your isp and insure that you can receive mail from

    Your order confirmation will come from ordered at but please do not send any correspondence or graphics to this address.  You can communicate with us by sending an email to  questions at  and you may send digital images (photos) to graphics at  Please use the correct email address to ensure it is received by the correct department and can be responded to within a timely manner.

    If you encounter any problems using our shopping cart or have any questions, please feel free to email us.

    Thank you for letting us personalize your day!
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