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To assist you in designing your License Plate, We've included some graphic samples to help you with ideas on how you can have your plate set up.

Most Personalized Bike Plates (3x6),(mini license plate)  Motorcycle Plates (4x7)  &  Car Tags  (12x6) Tag designs are interchangeable*
If you've landed here from a Search, This is our sample page  You may browse our samples and then Click above to reach each size plates personalization and order form. or  go to our main personalized license plate page here to reach our main license plate page.. Thank You
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    This Page is graphically intense  and may take a moment or so to open.  Scroll Down to see Plate Designs

    Or.. for License Plates Separated into categories, as well as additional sizes and more designs, Please visit our Bike Plate Division at

    To order 3x6 Bike Plates Solid Plastic 3/16"thick- $   like our samples, Please go to our  Bicycle Plate Personalization Form

    To order 3x6 Bike Plates Aluminum $ each    like our samples, Please go to our Bicycle Plate Personalization Form

    To order  4x7 Motorcycle Plates Aluminum $  each   like our samples, Please go to our  MC Plate Personalization Form

    To order  6x12 Front Car Plate Aluminum $   like our samples, Please go to our Car Tag Personalization Form


    then in the background entry field on the order form, tell us which sample plate you would like your order as. ie , Karlyn  sample,  Just Married Plate etc OR choose from our list of states.. Some states have more than 1 plate, please pay close attention to the plate name you are ordering.

    Some States allow for town names on the bottom ie: Florida, Mass Kids etc   Please indicate the town you would like in the Field Provided at personalization

    You may also design your own plate, request a photo on a plate or send us your logo / graphic to be placed on a bike plate. 
    See our New Heritage / Flag Plate designs here
    Or.. for License Plates Separated into categories, Please visit our Bike Plate Division at

    if you're getting a 3x6 4 hole or 6x12 plate you may design it yourself here
    Click here to design the  6x12 plate yourself.
    Click here to design the 3x6 4 hole plate yourself

    Sports States Other


    Al3x6.jpg (32573 bytes) ala-star.jpg (30925 bytes) Alaska 6x12-2.jpg (31660 bytes)
    Balls Alabama Alabama Stars Alaska Flag Mike's Bikes
    Alaska3x6 sun.jpg (34867 bytes) az3X6.jpg (33613 bytes) AZ23X6.jpg (31188 bytes)
    Batts & Balls Alaska Centennial Arizona-old Arizona Cactus Mary's Bikes
    arksample.jpg (29664 bytes) plate superhero.jpg (30467 bytes)
    Flag Ball AZ-Cactus-2 Arkansas California Super Hero
    CA2.jpg (30398 bytes) CT3x6.jpg (31211 bytes) colorado.jpg (10916 bytes) mud car.jpg (32467 bytes)
    Basketball NET California Sunshine Connecticut Colorado Monster Truck
    deleware3x6.jpg (20857 bytes) florida sample.jpg (10377 bytes) flkds-samp.jpg (36326 bytes) granny.jpg (29957 bytes)
    Bowling Delaware Florida Florida Kids Go Granny
    GA.jpg (17425 bytes) Hawaii2.jpg (26998 bytes) HI2.jpg (17863 bytes) Senior.jpg (43201 bytes)
    Bowling Alley Georgia Hawaii-Rainbow Hawaii Lei Slow Moving Senior-Female
    boxing.jpg (31433 bytes) il.jpg (30250 bytes) Indiana.jpg (34595 bytes)
    Boxing Gloves Idaho Illinois Indiana Slow Moving Senior - Male
    Kansas3x6.jpg (12605 bytes) KY2.jpg (20602 bytes)
    Cheer Pom Poms Iowa Kansas  Kentucky Grandpa's Toy
    dance_feet_new_template.jpg (10808 bytes) kykids.jpg (16709 bytes) ky-bluegrass.jpg (29758 bytes) lousiana.jpg (20217 bytes)
    Toe Shoes Kentucky Kids Kentucky Bluegrass Louisiana Mom's Ride
    Dancer new template.jpg (11777 bytes) maine.jpg (21563 bytes) maine bird 3x6.jpg (21432 bytes) Karlyn_Bike_Platesample.jpg (45783 bytes)
    Dance Work Out Louisiana Pelican Maine Lobster Maine Pine Cone Karlyn / Daisies
    dance shoes & hat new template.jpg (12569 bytes) maryland plate.jpg (21707 bytes) Dog Plate.jpg (29675 bytes)
    Dance - Tap Maryland Massachusetts-Flag Massachusetts-Kids Fido can be added to any plate
    michigan 3 x 6.jpg (27985 bytes)
    Diving Male or Female Massachusetts-Spirit Michigan -Old Michigan- New Dolphins
    Randy- Betty.jpg (34722 bytes) teddysample.jpg (13895 bytes)
    Diver Stripe Michigan-Spectacular Minnesota  Minnesota Explore Teddy Bear
    Gone Fishing License Plate Personalized Mississippi3x6.jpg (11928 bytes) Mossouri State Plate.jpg (25036 bytes)
    Gone Fishin' Mississippi Mississippi-Lighthouse Missouri Medal of Honor
    Montana3x6.jpg (26676 bytes) samp-Nebraska.jpg (21708 bytes) Nebraska Bike Plate
    FB Uniform Montana Nebraska-Plain Nebraska-Colorful Just Married
    nevada.jpg (32734 bytes) nh2.jpg (27633 bytes)
    Football Nevada New Hampshire New Hampshire - Rock Bride or Groom w/doves
    nj1.jpg (36254 bytes) njold.jpg (10840 bytes)
    Golf Pro New jersey  New Jersey - Old New Mexico-Plain Wedding Rings
    New Mexico - Balloon New York-Plain New York Empire State Ring Bearer
    nc.jpg (28711 bytes) North Dakota Bike Plate Mayor Plate Sample.jpg (105418 bytes)
    Sticks and Puck New York Retro North Carolina North Dakota Mayor of ???
    Ohio.jpg (22780 bytes) Ohio2003.jpg (10520 bytes) OKLAHOMA.jpg (29545 bytes) HCPLATE-NY.jpg (5764 bytes)
    Sticks and Number Ohio-Plain Ohio - RWB Oklahoma Handicapped logo -on any plate
    samp-Oregon.jpg (30839 bytes) Chelsea Plate Sample.jpg (33897 bytes)
    Horse Oklahoma Native Oregon Pennsylvania Chelsea
    RI.jpg (21971 bytes) RI3x6.jpg (28798 bytes) South Carolina 3x6.jpg (13221 bytes)
    LaCrosse Rhode Island Rhode Island Wave South Carolina Brennen
    South Dakota.jpg (43096 bytes) Barnett-Ashley bike plate sample.jpg (22514 bytes)
    Martial Arts South Carolina New South Dakota Tennessee Ashley
    Tennesee volunteer.jpg (26784 bytes)
    Racing Tennessee Mountains Texas Texas - Yellow Rose Turtle
    samputah 2-3X6.jpg (27021 bytes)
    Checkered Texas - Map Texas Sky Utah Rock Peanuts - for your bird cage
      Utah ski.jpg (37735 bytes) VT.jpg (32981 bytes) vasamp3X6.jpg (26828 bytes) Princesscrown3x6.jpg (22886 bytes)
    Soccer Star Utah Ski Vermont Virginia Princess Crown
    personalized bicycle plate dc3x6.jpg (19891 bytes) WVsamp.jpg (19338 bytes) Princessheart3x6.jpg (25709 bytes)
    Soccer Ball Washington DC Washington DC  RWB West Virginia Princess Heart
    WA STATE.jpg (35167 bytes) wisconsin.jpg (22153 bytes)
    Tennis  Washington - State Wisconsin Wyoming Classic Crown
    Fire Plate


    Simple Heart Unicorn Head Unicorn full 
    camoflauge Bike Plate
    FlipFlops Camo Camo Pink Black Belt Shadow Stroller
    Chain Diamond Plate Web Beware of Dog or
    Any photo & message
    Cutie Pie
    The Following Heritage plates do not appear in the drop down list on our order form.  Please Use the background field for these and type in your desired flag/heritage.  example background -Irish, British Flag, Italian Flag, Shamrock etc etc.  Thank you
    If you do not see your flag/heritage here, feel free to ask us to make one for you.
    United States USA Flag2 British Hands Across the Water Confederate


    Quebec Ontario Ireland 4 leaf clover
    Shamrock 2 Italy Jamaica Japan ***Republic of Marshall Islands
    Norwegien Flag License Plate
    Mexico Norway Poland Polish Eagle Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico Castle Russia Wales Any Two Flags for dual heritage Romania Euro Style
    Order Heritage License Plates here
    Put your heritage/flag in the background section - do not choose a state!

    3x6 Bike Plates
    4x7 Motorcycle Plates
    6x12 Front Car Plates 

    US VI Germany Germany Wave Caribbean Queen
    Columbia Cuba India Peru  

    To order bicycle plates (3"x6") like our samples, Please go to our Bike Plate Personalization Form

    To order Motorcycle plates (4"x7")  like our samples, Please go to our MC Plate Personalization Form

    To order Standard Size plates (6"x12")*  like our samples, Please go to our Car Tag Personalization Form

    In effort to assist you in designing your license plate, we have listed the most commonly used fonts  
    or tell us the name on the plate  ie: Font like Brennen

    *For 6 x 12 plates, Please be advised, most states require 2 official state plates on your vehicle. The states that require only 1 are: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,
    Tennessee and West Virginia.   This list has not been updated recently so please check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to be certain.  
    Personalized License Plates are a "Novelty" gift they are not official license plates.  For Official Vanity Plates please contact your local DMV.  Thank you.

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